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As your job parent, allowing her child to be the person he wants and ensure that. It’s not to turn.

As your job parent, allowing her child to be the person he wants and ensure that. It’s not to turn it into the people you want.

It’s not true to do it even if you are able to provide it directly. What can be done may be in the form of follow-up, introduce, introduce, and follow that one request occurs. Although the child’s interest is not waking, it may be destructive to force.

Your child is not your representation in your society. His success or failure does not represent you. He wants to take a role model when the child is grown in the scenario in which a parent is a parent to his child. When you look at their parents a value other than himself in their lives. As well as their role model can’t take them. There is an empty paradox there is actually there. As a parent, your own life, troubles, jobs should be your own.

A recruitment process to agree with the childminder. In these caregiver work, the hiring parties may often be trouble in processes because they are professionals related to it. The process before choosing a caregiver is how to recruit when this process is positive and we will get this issue in three main parts of the form.

It is definitely ask someone that your human values ​​do not match because it is not a problem in other areas, even if there is no problem in other areas negatively affects the other areas. You need a comfortable deal secondly. If you are a comfortable agreement and unable to communicate, you will not be able to solve these problems when the problem is out of the person. Third, the person in the face is that the carer is adequately knowledgeable and experienced? Did the meanness from experienced, has previously earned expertise in this area, have suffered enough difficulties? Is it knowledgeable? So our crime in the knowledge of where we are dominated by the developmental stages we have already mentioned. An affectionate, understanding person? A good feeling management is very important as well.

In the interview, if the person would not have a very serious rise, I will be unconvincing my professional. Instead, you can tell a few cases and must have gone well these cases. An adequately honest response may be: I’m angry, I lost control over there, but I would like to be a reason why he is a reasonable reason and decide if it is a reasonable reason. For example, if he shouts to the child as he dropped the pen, this is not a reasonable reason but every person has a limit. It is important to understand that. These are things that can be done during the election.

Here there is a contract once in a while. What should this contract contain? I need to tell your parenting style. To do what the right behavior to be made in different scenarios will be done, the scenario takes place without the scenario, and to put them in writing. For example, how to approach the matter if it is late to arrive at the time to get the carer to take the child?

Meet your child. The child can’t decide this but you can observe his feeling of feeling as a parent and you should use it as a data in his own decision. Only the image of this person can be perceived as a threat in the world of the child even for a reason.

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